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GPT White Label FAQs?

Welcome to the FAQ page of GPT White Label, your gateway to understanding and maximizing the potential of our AI-powered SaaS platform. Can't find your question here, contact us.

General questions:

GPT White Label is a versatile SaaS platform powered by AI, offering advanced content creation features like text, image, and code generation, as well as speech-to-text services, to help you start a lucrative AI business.

 No, GPT White Label is designed to be accessible without requiring technical knowledge. The platform is user-friendly and allows individuals to start and manage their AI SaaS business with ease

The setup of the GPT White Label platform can be completed in less than 48 hours after all necessary information is provided. Our quick setup process ensures a swift entry into the market with your AI SaaS business.

To set up your GPT White Label platform, we require admin access to your hosting admin panel, Open AI API Keys, and your domain name, among other details. After completing your order, you will receive a detailed email with all the necessary steps and information. This information is shared through our secure admin portal to ensure safety and confidentiality.

If you face any issues with your GPT White Label platform, you can easily reach out for assistance through our secure portal. Alternatively, you can contact our support team via email. Our dedicated team is always ready to help resolve any concerns or difficulties you may experience, ensuring a smooth operation of your platform.


GPTWhiteLabel Features:

GPT White Label's main AI features include:

  • AI Writer: Automates high-quality content creation.
  • AI Image: Generates visually appealing images.
  • AI Chat: Powers interactive, AI-driven conversations.
  • AI Code: Assists in creating and optimizing code.
  • AI Speech to Text: Transcribes spoken words into text.
  • AI Voiceover: Provides customizable voiceovers for various content.
  • AI Affiliates: Manages and grows affiliate networks.
  • Article Wizard: Streamlines article creation with structured guidance.
  • AI Vision: Offers advanced image recognition and analysis.
  • Chat Image: Converts chat interactions into images.
  • AI Chat PDF: Chat with a PDF document . 

These features enhance diverse content creation and management, offering a comprehensive suite of tools for businesses.

AI Chat enables interactive, AI-powered conversations, enhancing customer support and engagement.

Yes, AI Code assists in generating and optimizing code snippets, useful for developers and programmers.

The AI Speech to Text feature accurately transcribes spoken words into written text, facilitating content creation and documentation.

AI Voiceover provides realistic and customizable voiceovers, ideal for videos, presentations, and multimedia content.

The AI Affiliates system helps you manage and grow your affiliate network, tracking referrals and commissions efficiently.

Article Wizard streamlines the process of article creation, offering structured guidance and AI assistance for high-quality content generation.

Yes, it integrates SMTP for your site to send out registration, payment, and forgot email/password details efficiently.

The platform uses Open AI's DALLE or Stablefusion for image generation, offering high-quality and visually appealing outputs.

Yes, the AI Image feature lets you create visually appealing images suitable for various purposes like web design and social media.


Your earnings potential is limitless and largely depends on your marketing strategy and how effectively you leverage the platform's capabilities.

You can monetize it by offering subscription-based access, selling AI-driven services like content creation, or through affiliate marketing.

AI is a multi billion dollar industry. It is widely used for tasks like data analysis, customer service automation, personalized marketing, SEO,  predictive maintenance, and more across various industries.

The platform supports various payment methods, including Stripe, PayPal, 2Checkout, and more, providing flexibility in transaction processing.

GPT White Label allows the integration of Google Analytics for tracking user traffic and behavior on your platform.

The platform includes a dedicated inbuilt customer support center, ensuring effective and timely assistance for users.

Yes, you can rebrand it with your logo and site link. Our branding will not appear anywhere on your new SAAS platform. 

 GPT White Label offers the versatility to launch various SAAS businesses, including those similar to CopyAI or Jasper. You can create AI-driven content generation platforms, chatbot services, or even AI-powered marketing solutions, among other possibilities.

Privacy & Security:

SSL encryption is required for all payments, ensuring secure transactions and protecting sensitive financial information.

The platform includes user access control from the admin panel, allowing administrators to manage user permissions and secure sensitive data.

Yes, our platform is GDPR compliant, adhering to strict privacy regulations to protect user data in accordance with EU laws.

License & Pricing:

The one-time payment allows you to run your business on our platform without recurring monthly fees to us. However, you'll still need to cover external expenses like hosting.

Apart from the one-time payment, users might incur other operational costs like hosting, but there are no additional fees from the platform itself.

No, GPT White Label does not offer a trial period. However, you can visit for a full and instant demo access to explore the platform's capabilities and features.

 Your license allows you to acquire customers and users for your Whitelabel SAAS platform. However, there are specific restrictions:

  • You cannot distribute GPT White Label software files.
  • Modifying software files without written permission is prohibited.
  • You cannot resell GPT White Label as a platform. For a comprehensive understanding of these limitations, please refer to our terms of service.

Yes, we can transfer your installation to another domain however, this will be chargeable. Contact our support team for more details. 

Support & updates:

Yes, detailed technical support is included for atleast 6 months after purchasing GPTWhiteLabel. 

The platform is designed to be versatile, but for specific integration capabilities, please refer to our features list or contact us directly.

You're entitled to updates for atleast 6 months after purchasing GPTWhiteLabel. When we have an update, we will contact you through our portal and inform you on the next steps. 

Through our secure and dedicated support portal which you'll be invited to once you purchase GPTWhiteLabel.